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The Department of Dermatology and Venereology of Chattogram Maa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College Starts the journey with outdoor services on 1991 with Retired Lt.Col. Dr. Md. Mohosin who was also former director of CMOSH, Then Captain Dr. Sayed K. Jamal Al Kaiser joined as consultant and stup the department in 2002. Subsequently Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Ismail headed the department and Associate Professor Dr. ShamsunNahar Bintha Mannan has been the head of the department since December, 2013. The department has grown up in its size since then and has contributed remarkably to the Dermatology specialty. Our dignified doctors provide best care to huge number of patients in outdoor and attend oncall of all departments of CMOSH. This department has wide range of treatment facilities and introduced many Dermatosurgeries like Cryosurgery Skinbiopsy, Chemical cautery, Nail avulsion, Mole excision.

Our highly qualified teachers teaching both undergraduate and post graduate students(FCPSpart-II, DCH) both theoretically and clinically. We arrange clinical and scientific seminars both inter departmental and central, Attened morning meetings, integrated teaching programe for undergraduate students and observe dermatological day’s like world AIDS Day,World Skin Health Day. Continuous research activities going on and presented many scientific papers and poster presentations in many national and international scientific seminars both home and abroad. Published many scientific papers in national and international journals.

Quality Service

Professional Team

Sl. No. Designation Number
01. Associate Professor 2
02. Assistant Registrar 1
03. Medical Officer 1

Academic Activities

Undergraduate course

MBBS course –Department deals with undergraduate lectures (21) and block posting for 5th year and clinical classes for 4th year MBBS students and Internship training.
Post graduate course-
Students of DCH course and FCPS part –II students placed in dermatology department as part of their training.

Clinical Activities :

Seminar of medicine and allied subjects-Sunday
Journal club-Wednesday
Central seminar—last Monday of each month
Cental seminar -from dermatology once ayear
Integrated teaching program for 5th year MBBS students
Topics of scientific seminars presented from department of dermatology and venereology
  • Skin menifestations of systemic diseases
  • Rational and ethical use of corticosteroid both topical and systemic.
  • Gynaecologic dermatology
  • Neonatal and pediatric dermatological emergencies
  • Psoriasis,an update
  • AIDS, community make the difference
  • Environmental dermatosis
  • Management of Erythema multiforme
  • Urticaria and its management

Outdoor Service :

Our department giving great effort to serve around 15 thousand patients per year including outdoor consultancies by professors and senior consultants. Treatments of referral patients and free services for poor patients and treating pediatric group give skills in pediatric dermatology, make the difference and good will.


Dermoscopic examination
Wood’s Lamp examination
Skin Biopsy, Nail surgery with Matrixectomy with Phenol, moleexcision, intralesionalsteroid, molluscumextraction, SCAR removal and surgery, PRPtherapy, Microneedling, Chemical Cautery peeling, Chemical Cautery with TCA.

Research activities :

The scientific papers and poster presentations from the departments are :
  • Scientific paper on” Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among patients with superficial mycotic infections in a tertiary care hospital” in a international conference organized by Chattagram International Medical college in march,2019.
  • Scientific paper on”Pattern of Dermatosis among the admitted neonates in a tertiary care hospital” in a national conference arranged by CMOSH teachers forum in 2018.
  • E-Poster presentation on “Prevalence of Metabolic syndrome among patients with superficial mycotic infection in a tertiary care hospital” in 48th IADVL conference, Pune,India in January,2020.
  • Poster presentation on “Age,sex and seasonal variations dermatosis patients attending dermatology OPD in CMOSH” in a national conference arrange by CMOSH teachers forum in 2017.
  • Poster presentation on “Pattern of skin diseases related to seasonal and environmental changes in a tertiary care hospital” in a international conference arranged by Asian woman university,Bangladesh in 2020.


  1. Age,Sex,and Seasonal variations of dermatosis in patients attending dermatology OPD in CMOSH--- ShamsunNaharBinte Mannan1* MdZahangir Alam2 RajatSanker Roy Biswas3 original article in ChattagramMaa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College Journal,Volume 17,Issue 2,july2018
  2. Pattern of Dermatosis Among the Admitted Neonates in A Tertiary Care Hospital—Shamsun Nahar1*Dipika Dey2 Ashek Elahi3 Nasim Haider3 RajatSankar Roy Biswas4 ------ original article in ChattagramMaa-O-Shishu Hospital Medical College Journal,volume 19,issue 1,January2020.
  3. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome among patients with superficial mycotic infection in a tertiary care hospital– Shamsun N. B. Mannan1*,Muhammed A. Bakar2 , Shaikh H. Mamun3 , Rajat S. R. Biswas3 , Istiaque Hossain4 -------DOI: https://dx.doi.org/10.18203/issn.2455-4529.IntJResDermatol2020xxxx--- Original article , publish in International Journal of Research in Dermatology(IJORD) in volume 6,issue 6,2020.
  4. Adverse Drug Reactions - experience of 4 cases. Rajat Sanker Roy Biswas1 ,ShamsunNaharBinteMannan 2, Shaikh MdHasan Mamun1published in THE HEALER,volume 23,number 1,january,2019,37-38.

On going Research work :

  • “Association between Vitiigo and Thyroid Autoimmunity” – Funded by Chittagong medical university
  • Association between Skin diseases and vitamin D3 level
  • Current status of Adverse drug reaction reporting by health care professional in a medical college hospital

Faculties of Dermatology and Venereology

Sl. No. Name Degree Designation
01. Dr.Shamsun Nahar Bintha Mannan MBBS, DDV Associate Professor and Head
02. Dr. Gazi Muhd Zakawat Ullah MBBS, DDV Consultant
03. Dr. Arifa Hossain MBBS Medical Officer

Future Plan

  • To Start A Dermatology ward
  • To start postgraduate diploma course in dermatology and venereology.
  • To start fellowship course in Pediatric dermatology
  • To start LASERtherapy, Iontophoresis,Narrow band UVB,Vitiligosurgery,Hair transplant surgery.

A Seminar on Gynaecologic Dermatology.

Presenting in a seminar in CMOSH where all senior
dermatologist of Ctg. with President of DDS were present.

Presentating E-Poster in DERMACON, IADVL, Pune

Teachers of CMOSH Medical College.

Poster Presentation by 5th year
MBBS students in world AIDs day.

Dr. Dr. Shamsun Nahar Bintha Mannan
Associate Professor and Head of the
department of dermatology, CMOSHMC

Poster Presentation by 5th year
PRP Therapy in Alopecia.

Giving Intralesional Steriod
in pos burn Keoid Patient.

Cryosurgery in virl wart




Before and After Treatment

Before and After Treatment

OUR PRIDE, after 5 years hard work
become doctor, sharing love &
respect with sweets.